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musician, producer, sound engineer

Born in 1972. Musician, producer, arranger, sound manipulator, all-round creative. He was born a pianist but immediately turned to synthesizers from a very young age. He trained at the Forlì Music Center both as a musician and as a sound engineer with a course for sound technician held by Roberto "Bob" Zoli. With his first band (Arianera) he works with Contempo Record and begins his journey in the recording studio at the Blue Velvet in Florence. In the 90s he worked with Massimo Carpani on various major productions, he worked at Radio Sabbia as head of the production studio and in 2002 he founded “Cosabeat” with a group of friends, musicians and actors. Reference and meeting point Cosabeat gives him the opportunity to work with many artists and musicians. Over the years he has made hundreds of records as a sound engineer, arranger and artistic producer. Among the names with which he collaborated are: Santo Barbaro, Giacomo Toni, Sacri Cuori, Hugo Race (ex Bad Seeds), Giuseppe "Houdini" Righini, Moro & the Silent revolution, Antonio Gramentieri,  Montefiori Cocktail, Raein, La Quiete, Neil on impression, Contrasto, Vince Vallicelli, Capvuto, Equ, Alessandro Cortini, Jono Manson, John De Leo, Luisa Cottifogli, Terry Lee Hale, Howie Gelb, King Lion & the Braves, Unoauno, TIR and many many others. As an artist he has produced 3 albums under the name of Francobeat: Vedobeat (Snowdonia / Audioglobe, 2006), “Mondo fantasia” (Trovarobato / Artebambini, 2011) and “Radici” (Bruttura Moderne / Audioglobe, 2014). In 2019 it becomes only "Naddei" and "Mostri" (self-produced / Distrokid) comes out, and in 2020 "L'asymer drier" (digital only), a collective work with numerous guests including Stefano Benni, Elena Bucci, Marco Sgrosso, Vincenzo Vasi and many others. Since '96 he has collaborated with Lombardi Amplificazioni as a sound engineer and consultant. In the theater he has worked with Accademia Perduta, Le belle Bandiere, Città di Ebla, John De Leo and XYquartet. In 2019 he was welcomed into the family of “L'amor mio non dies” where he continues to work on his own productions for third parties.

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