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social web graphic promo (new 2022)

Thanks to our network of professionals we can follow the communication of your record release or your events at 360 °. creation of graphic and photographic contents, editorial plan for social media, communication strategy; we take care of everything.



We put our experience at your disposal and offer a service that follows your prints from a to z in: 12 ", 7" vinyl, factory or single piece cutting - sound card - cassette - cd.


Possibility of digitizing and archiving audio data from: professional, broadcast or consumer low speed magnetic tapes - stereo 8 - adat - dat.

tape your mix

Switching to magnetic tape, by compressing tape or simply working on transients, makes an audio source or track more compact and musical. possibility of transferring audio tracks, stems, mixes or masters to desk and magnetic tape with excellent level ad / da conversion.



equipment rental

We rent all our equipment for sessions, tour rehearsals and shows in the hall. some of the instruments can be hired for sessions in other recording studios or for concerts, shows, tours.


We offer consultancy and musical services for writing and arranging, arranging strings, winds and choirs.


We have a network of collaborators and professionals able to offer assistance for musical instruments, amplification, studio equipment.

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