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Artist: Villa | Title: Villa


The debut album of Villa, the moniker behind which the multi-instrumentalist and producer Roberto Villa hides, will soon see the light.

VILLA cover.png
Villa 2020 4.jpg

After Plasma, L'Etere and  Angoscia, a trilogy published on 7 inches over the past two years, a new album sees the light: an 8-track LP that represents a journey into the artist's sound imaginary, and which deviates from the western and horror suggestions of his previous works, embracing a more synthetic but at the same time epic dimension.


  This time the main characters is the string quartet and Villa’s own pulsating bass, the only string electrical instrument on the record.


  The strings and the rhythm section have a central role and represent the “earthly” part of the compositions;  vintage synthesizers and keyboards weave the murky sonic fabric around them.


  The rigorously instrumental pace, with strong cinematographic suggestions, takes the listener into a parallel dimension poised between the aseptic and the dreamy.

Special mention for the wonderful artwork, created by the Hawaiian artist based in New York Georgie Smith aka Color Me Lurid, that perfectly captured the emotions arising from listening to the songs turning them into images: an explosive, colorful, mysterious and disturbing dimension at the same time.

VILLA cover.png



All Songs written, arranged and recorded by Roberto Villa

at “L’Amor Mio Non Muore “ - Sala d'Incisione Forlì, Italy

Mixed with Franco Naddei


Mastered by Ivano Giovedì at Waveroof Studio Castel Bolognese Italy

Cover image by Color Me Lurid



Marco Frattini: drums

Roberto Villa: bass guitar

Vanni Crociani: grand piano and strings arrangement

Franco Naddei: synth, Fender Rhodes, keyboards

Alberto Bazzoli: acoustic piano, synth, organ, keyboards

Nicola Peruch: piano WurliTzer

Diego Sapignoli: vibraphone

Cesare Carretta: 1st violin

Aldo Capicchioni: 2nd violin

Michela Zanotti: viola

Aldo Maria Zangheri: viola

Anselmo Pelliccioni: cello

Enrico Guerzoni: cello

+39 3200217242

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